Yala National Park/Kataragama

Day 1
Early in the morning we drive in an air-conditioned car to Yale National Park, where we stop at the hotel in Thissamaharama. Afterwards we visit the Yala National Park. This is one of the oldest and most famous in Sri Lanka. It occupies an area of ​​1,572 square kilometers and forms the largest connected area of ​​protected nature in Sri Lanka.
The diverse ecosystems range from monsoon forests to the dry zone. Deciduous forests, thorns, freshwater, seawaters and sandy beaches are home to a variety of important plant species and animals. We go on an extensive safari with a Landrover. In the park live 32 different species of mammals and 142 bird species, of which 5 belong to the endangered species. Afterwards we will return to our hotel, where you will end the day with a dinner.
Day 2
In the morning after breakfast we will go to Kataragama. It is one of the oldest settlement areas of Sri Lanka (since about 3C BC) and one of the oldest pilgrimage sites in Southeast Asia. In the small village, the Hindu and war god Scanda is revered. Legend has it that Prince Skanda from South India defeated the giant Taraka and fell in love with a pretty girl from the people of the Veddha, the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. He took it to the consort and moved to the hill of Kataragama, where today the Maha Devale, which is consecrated to him, welcomes the faithful: in the comparatively unadorned temple, sacrifices and donations are made with much incense. Thousands of pilgrims - Hindus - Muslims - ask for the fulfillment of their desires or forgiveness of their sins. Dagoba Kin Vihara is also located behind the temple, where flowers and fruit are laid down. To Esala Perahera (pilgrimage in July / August) the place looks like a fairground with countless market stalls, snack bars and picnic large families from all parts of the country. In the evening, the river shines in the glow of thousands of small tea and oil lights. 
At the end of the day, we return to our guesthouse.