Day 1
After breakfast, you will be picked up from our guide in the air-conditioned car and we will go to Kandy. Our first stop in Pinnawela is the Elephant Swans House. It is the home of some 60 elephants, many of which were abandoned in the baby age or orphaned in the wilderness. They are fed, fed and trained here by the forestry authorities. The best time to visit the orphanage is during the feeding times when the elephant babies "get the bottle". Afterwards the elephants with their carers go to the nearby river and take their daily bath. A show you should not miss, because when you have the opportunity to see 30 elephants or more.

Now we continue to the elephant rides.
Afterwards we visit the Botanical Garden in Peradeniya. Far-traveled plant-lovers hold this park, by the way in 1824 by the British on the place of former royal pleasure gardens, for the most beautiful botanical garden in the world. The most impressive is the huge Ficcus Javanicus, which is planted in 1861 and whose roof covers an area of ​​2,400 square meters. You will be totally shocked by the highest bamboo in the world, which rises 30 to 40 meters into the sky and reaches 30 cm per day. The candle tree and orchid house are also worth a visit. One of the top attractions of the complex is a large number of palm trees that are normally found in the Seychelles, the Coco de Mer. Many years ago, they were flushed once to the beach. Except in the Seychelles, where they come from, powerful mahogany trees show us how small and lost man is. There is plenty to see on this wonderful spot.

Now we go to Kandy, the picturesque capital of the highlands. Kandy is surrounded by tea and spice gardens, 490 meters above sea level, where we stop at the hotel.
After a short break and lunch, head to the Dalada Maligawa, the temple of the Sacred Teeth of the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The sacred relic, which was brought to Sri Lanka in the fourth century AD, has since been a symbol of the sovereignty of its rulers, and has always been preserved with great splendor as a sanctuary. The tooth temple, as it is commonly called, is a magnificent shrine, with decorative walls, moat, turrets, golden roof and fine carving, and has kept its ambiance from times past alive. Every day, three religious services are held at daybreak, noon, and in the evening, which may be visited by you.
Afterwards, you can visit the Kandy Temple dancers performing their traditional Buddhist dances. In the evening we go back to the hotel where you will end the day with dinner.
Day 2
After breakfast we go to the center of Kandy, where you can make a shopping trip, which is very entertaining and exciting, after consultation with the tour guide. Boutiques, shops and arts and crafts centers offer many exotic goods. Among the bargains are authentic Highland artisan products made of silver, brass, wood and lacquer. Others include jewelery, batiks, dumbara mats, precious stones, spices, tea, hand-woven textiles, ready-made designer clothes and fresh tropical fruits. The main attraction is the covered and multi-storey shopping center in the center of Kandy.
Now we are on the way to the highlands, past the beautiful tea plantations, where you can observe the tea-pickers in their daily work. There we visit one of the typical tea plantations with their tea factory, where you can enjoy the famous tea of ​​Sri Lanka. Afterwards we return to our guesthouse.